Monday, 4 March 2013

Bumiputera Property Exhibition 2013

Lupe nak update about my wekend activities. I and Mr. Is went to Mid Valley to get some info on Bumiputera Property Exhibition BPEX 2013. We saw an advertisement on newspaper regarding this event on Friday. Here the ad...

Tapi yang sedihnye most of the exhibitor (developer) offered houses that we can't afford to buy..Aiyoo...Range of price dia dalam RM500k and above (terbuntang biji mata tengok harga rumah sekarang). Adalah dalam 1 or 2 developer yang offer less than that. Since both of us work in Shah Alam, we want to buy a house in Shah Alam area or the neighbourhood area la. We tried to find a house in Subang or Klang, tapi x banyak developer yang develop that area. Huhu...Nie la some of the brochures yang diterima..

Sedih bile  dengar Mr. Is ckp " we are poor..we can't afford to buy anything"..huhu. Sebab dah tension dengan property exhibition tu, we went to Gucci kiosk yang tengah lauch & buat promotion. They're promoting the new fragrances for man and women. Hoho...macam menarik je kalau beli untuk hantaran sebab dapat promotion price. Tapi we plan our majlis on next year, so tak jadi la nak beli..Wangi la bau fragrances yang baru tu...

Ada 2 event yang Mr. Is janji nak bawak tp x pegi pon..huhu.. Last thursday, we saw an advertisement about exhibition & sale from Habib Jewel in newspaper. We plan to survey cincin untuk merisik. Satu event lagi tu pasal bridal fair di Plaza Alam Sentral. I hope that Mr. Is dapat spend time dengan i survey prep untuk majlis bertunang nanti. Since we spend too much time at Mid Valley, so xsempat nak pergi  KLCC & Alam Sentral for both events tu.

Kesimpulannya, tiada hasil tangkapan last wekend. No ring for merisik, no perfume for hantaran & no house to buy.. Huhuhu...Will update about ring hunting later.

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