Sunday, 3 March 2013

Kain Lace

Dear Diary,

I went to Bandung on october last year. Almaklumla, time single2 nie la seronok nak travelling & 'berjimba-jimba' dgn some of my office mates. Since Bandung is known as shopping heaven for lace, telekung sulam, tshirt, jeans & etc, so I've decided to buy something for my hantaran prep even xde planning for tunang lagi at that time. Guess what i bought??? tada,.. i bought telekung sulam & this lace..

Lace pink purple & satin cream

Nampak macam pale sikit color die in this picture. Hmm...kalau boleh nak stick with this kain & lace, so i can spend money for other things later on. I've bought another 2 sets of kain satin & lace for hari raya & nikah nanti. Sekarang nie I've to start designing or get the inspiration for my baju tunang. Later, i will upload & write about the inspiration of my baju tunang design.

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